Aluminum Napoletana Pizza Peel Rectangular Perf 14" Handle 59"

Easily slide pizzas into and out of ovens with the GI Metal AN-37RF Napoletana 14" anodized aluminum perforated pizza peel. This pizza peel is made entirely from anodized aluminum for a lightweight design that's incredibly durable, too. It's designed to be used frequently in high heat ovens and was tested by the best pizza makers to make sure that it can withstand the hardest use. This peel is thicker than comparable peels to give it the most resistance to high temperatures. It even has an Azure oval tubular handle that allows it to lift and carry heavily loaded pizzas from prep areas to the oven and back with ease! This peel also has a perforation on its head to help flour release from the bottom of the pizza. This helps lessen the chance of a burnt crust.

Pizza peels aren't just limited to pizza; they can be used for almost any food cooked in a pizza or deck oven. The metal head, thin edge, and smooth surface ensures that it's easy to lift food off a prep counter or out of an oven. Each peel has a rectangular head giving it a straight front edge that can be used as a scraper. For further ease of use, each peel comes with an 59" handle that keeps the user's hands further away from hot oven surfaces.

Overall Dimensions:
Blade Length: 14"
Blade Width: 14"
Handle Length: 59"
Overall Length: 73"

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