Devodier Prosciutto Di Parma Gran Riserva 24 mo

  • Country of Origin: Italy
  • Region: Reggio Emilia
  • Type: Dry Cured Ham
  • Style: Prosciutto di Parma
  • Flavor profile: Sweet, porky, fruity and floral
  • Quantity: 13Lb -15Lb
  • Availability: Year Round

 These prized hams are aged in a deep cellar built over the old bed of the Parma River, with red clay brick walls of an ancient kiln and fir wood frames to hang the hams as they age.  The special atmosphere is controlled by the prosciuttificios who open and close the cellar windows to control the air circulation as needed.  To bear the DOP seal, the hams must be aged a minimum of ten months.  The longer the ham is aged, the more velvety in texture the meat becomes, and the more intense the flavor.  Our new prosciuttos from Devodier make a lovely example of a well-made Parma ham, set apart in its age and craftsmanship from the commodity prosciuttos we have been accustomed to in the United States.  The texture is velvety and supple, to the point that it almost melts in your mouth. The flavor is sweet, porky, fruity and floral, with notes of pineapple and melon, the salt is appparent but not overpowering.

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