Gluteen Free Pasta Farabella Orecchiette 9 oz (Shelf Stable)

Our natural attention towards gluten-free foods and our constant desire to improve them, together with our respect for tradition and technological innovation allow us to supply consumers with gluten- free products with the same organoleptic characteristics as normal foods.

Natural ingredients, combined with our deep-rooted pasta-making traditions and 13 dedicated production facilities allowing us to produce an enviably wide range of shapes and allowing those affected by celiac disease to discover the joys of past

The Farabella Fresh Style Pasta is a fresh product that is stabilized thanks to our exclusive technology. It is shelf stable and can be stored at room temperature. Our aim was to develop a gluten free pasta product allowing a quicker and easier cooking process. This new pasta line has been created especially for you to give you the pleasure of eating gluten free pasta that has nothing to envy to the conventional one

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