Le 5 Stagioni Pizza Flour Red "00" Type

Le 5 Stagioni Pizza Flour "00"

Soft wheat our obtained from the milling and sifting of North American and Canadian non-germinated soft wheat, from which extraneous substances and impurities have been removed according to the law in force.

Flour with high protein content, ideal for baked products with long rising times 72 hrs and up

Physical/Chemical Properties

Moisture: max 15,5 % Proteins: min 14 % Ashes: type 00 max 0,55 Wet Gluten: min 38 %

Rheological Properties

Chopin Alveograph:

W 390 - Tolerance: -10/+30 P/L 0,60 - Tolerance: +-0,10

Brabender Farinograph:

Absorption min 60 % Stability min 17

Le 5 Stagioni Pizza Flour Exclusive Importers in US for Florida and the Caribbeans.


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